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SMuppets is an interdisciplinary art venture. Over 20 weeks, students dynamically explored the relationship between visual arts and language arts with Puppetry as the principal theme. They engaged in hands-on workshops with professional puppeteers and writing sessions about scripting with teachers. Discover the philosophical underpinnings of SMASH: using real-world situations that connect to classroom studies, finding opportunities to apply theories, and embracing a culture of “freedom with responsibility” where cross-age mingling and learning occurs. Watch Principal Jessica describe SMASH’s “Vision for Student Success” programs here. Your donation to the Santa Monica Malibu Education Foundation ensures our children continue to experience a THRIVING arts program, supplemental staff in all classrooms, new technology, new music instruments and so much more.
It is VERY IMPORTANT that every single SMASH family make a contribution (no matter the size) at NOTE: all donations are tax-deducible

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