Santa Monica Alternative Schoolhouse

Santa Monica Alternative Schoolhouse (SMASH) is a K-8 public school of choice with team teachers and multi-aged classrooms. SMASH strives to help children become active participants in a democracy still being shaped. The curriculum, co-created between students and teachers, is based on students' interests and backgrounds, as well as current local, national, and global events, and is taught in an environment that embraces freedom with responsibility. Our goal is to nurture competent, compassionate, confident, and creative citizens.

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10/22 Comedy Night
10/27 Halloween Carnival, 1:30 - 3:30pm
11/3 Core 3 Astrocamp assembly, 8:45am
1:30 dismissal k-8
11/6 Pupil Free Day
11/7 1:30 dismissal k-8 for conferences
11/8 PTSA General meeting, 8:30am
1:30 dismissal k-8 for conferences
11/9 Life touch yearbook photo makeup a
1:30 dismissal k-8 for conferences
Muir/SMASH Halloween Carnival

Immigration Resources / Recursos de Inmigracion

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